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Image of: Zarry

Why I love the Gallery

Build by Zarry    Mar 13, 2018

Why I love the Gallery

dr-glassman Mar 19, 2019

Inspiring, since I only joined yesterday but have been using for years!


GruntGunner Apr 25, 2018

Thanks @ArtfulConch :)


ArtfulConch Apr 25, 2018

@GruntGunner, I can safely say, on behalf of myself and everyone here, that we’re glad to have you here!


GruntGunner Apr 24, 2018

I agree @ArtfulConch, I signed up in March 2018 and its been great being part of the gallery.


ArtfulConch Apr 21, 2018

This right here is the gallary at its best!!! I’ve posed two things so far and you and almost everyone here has shown positivity! It’s nice to have a place to chat and post funny pictures of Mega Construx, and I’m glad I signed up!!!