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Why The Buddy System Works

Build by DemarcationMedia    May 02, 2020

Why The Buddy System Works

Thelvadamee132 May 04, 2020

I like the edit! Cool shot! But, the marine system doesnt always work... Because there are always more covenant than UNSC :)


DemarcationMedia May 04, 2020

@Cinimod64 The Elites do have their duds


Cinimod64 May 02, 2020

That Elite had a needle rifle. He must be pretty incompetent. But this photo is amazing!


DemarcationMedia May 02, 2020

@AVGcustoms Yes. Traditional math does not apply here


AVGcustoms May 02, 2020

One of the rare cases in which 1+2=2. Nice photo!