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Winters: Antares - 26

Build by JoeFilms    Jan 07, 2019

Winters: Antares - 26
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Winters: Antares - 26
Winters: Antares - 26
Winters: Antares - 26
Winters: Antares - 26
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JoeFilms Jan 08, 2019

@Survivor11 actually, they did! I had planned on the episode being longer, but then I realized I had ten pictures for one episode. The best way to divide it and make since was to have four pictures followed by six.


DBMAN1 Jan 08, 2019

What Photo Editor do you use?


Survivor11 Jan 08, 2019

Lemme guess, they didn't all go through...


Spartanz19 Jan 08, 2019

I need some of those red marines to mass up a Red Eagle army.


81Ceta_Deta Jan 08, 2019

I like the marine’s shoulder pad. I need to do something like that