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Image of: Purmle

Y Pose Saturday?!?

Build by Purmle    Jun 08, 2019

Y Pose Saturday?!?

JoeFilms Jun 13, 2019

@Purmle you misspelled "comma."


Purmle Jun 12, 2019

@JoeFilms, YOU made a spelling error in your first comment as well. You never put a coma between Nigel's name and Murple's name. Shame on you!


Purmle Jun 09, 2019

@JoeFilms, but you are wrong. I will tell you why.......I'M THE CEO OF SHRUB IND. SO I WILL ALWAYS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JoeFilms Jun 09, 2019

But Purmle, you also made a gramatical error. You said "@JoeFilms @Murple, @nigelninja11." 1. You did not put a comma after "@JoeFilms," and you should have. 2. This is not a complete sentence, seeing as it has no verb. Thus, there should not be a period after "@nigelninja11." This is a fight you cannot win.


Murple Jun 09, 2019

Well, cheesecake.