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Zealot Training

Build by Cinimod64    Jun 27, 2019

Zealot Training
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Zealot Training
Zealot Training
Zealot Training
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Cinimod64 Jul 02, 2019

@NatoGreavesy I just looked up a random name from a generator. So, no.


81Ceta_Deta Jun 28, 2019

great picture! my red zealot has a broken hand


Haloguy092 Jun 28, 2019

The marines get up. Marine commander: great game gg guys gg


NatoGreavesy Jun 28, 2019

Very dynamic shots. Is this Turo 'Telcamee character of yours related to the Avu Med 'Telcam from canon?


RedThree Jun 28, 2019

"Psst... guys. Did you hear something? I swear I heard the grass behind us rustling. Do you think we should- AAAAAAAAGH!!!"