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Image of: Kevin_MCX

Zodac and Sorceress Samples

Build by Kevin_MCX    Jan 23, 2020

Zodac and Sorceress Samples
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Zodac and Sorceress Samples
Zodac and Sorceress Samples
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jestermon Feb 02, 2020

I'll definitely get this but hopefully Zodac will be single carded at some point too for multiples.


halo7ification Jan 25, 2020

Hey Kevin, kinda of a different question, but does Mega still have the Creative department? I know my close friend Marty Lalandez used to work there. Also how's Yanick doing?


Kevin_MCX Jan 24, 2020

@Zarry, pants are overrated anyway. @Schildpad, these will be included in the upcoming Point Dread playset. Preview pics of the full set will be posted soon. @Crisco, maybe, maybe not, this is a spoiler-free area :).


Crisco Jan 24, 2020

@Kevin_MCX thanks for posting these updates, any plans for Tri-klops?


Schildpad Jan 24, 2020

Zodak looks amazing! Will these two figures be packed together?