4 Building Tips for Customisers

Building customs is a huge trend we’ve noticed among the Collector community. But even if you’ve never done it before, customizing like a pro is easy with a just a few key pointers.

In order to give you the best beginner tips on building custom Mega Bloks structures, we enlisted the help of some of the top builders out there ­— our designers. Here’s what they had to say.

The first tip seems obvious, but it’s crucial to efficiency. When building, make sure you spread out all your pieces in front of you and separate them by type, color, or use. This includes the pieces you don’t think you’ll need; they may become handy later on in the build. Doing this will help you avoid wasting time looking for parts while building your masterpiece!

Second, the foundation of any build should be the skeleton structure. This structure, if built properly, will hold the rest of the build together. Start with a skeleton that defines the type of build you’re making – a vehicle, fortress, weapon, or anything else. Once built, expand and add details around the skeleton to really make it your own.

Third, when designing your builds, don’t forget to continually overlap your pieces to make sure everything holds together regardless of what shape you want your final build to be. Remember to factor overlap into your design from the outset, and continue to overlap parts at every stage of your design.

Lastly, have a reference image or two of whatever you’re building, or get some pictures just for inspiration, though you should remember to leave yourself room for creativity!

Have you built your own custom? Make sure you share it with the community by posting it in our fan gallery.


Ray_Mejia30 Dec, 2016

Man I wish I had looked at this before and signed up.

Jason-10120 Dec, 2016

Check out the customs in CAMO DAYS ADVENTURE. On the gallery.

charliebucket11 Dec, 2016

Handy! Thanks 4 da tips! I need to find time to make a M.O.C now LOL!

Spartanz193 Dec, 2016

Another tip for anyone out there, don't be afraid to use random colored blocks on the internal of the build. If no one can see it there's no problem.

jabbathehut30 Nov, 2016

Thanks for the tips.