Beyond the shell with TMNT fans

Beyond the shell with TMNT fans

There’s no stopping Turtle Power. From their comic book origins to their party days on 90s TV, right through to their radical resurgence with a new generation of kids today, the Turtles know how to mutate!

But one thing has never changed: Turtle fans are some of the most passionate we’ve ever seen. And Mega Construx™ celebrates that passion by helping fans experience the world of the Turtles by taking it beyond the content they know and love!

Fans can build beyond the scenes and stories of their favorite TV show with construction sets that put them right in the action and help them bring ninjutsu to life. Or they can take their imagination to new heights when they build and connect their sets to create their own multi-leveled world for the Green Machine.

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Beyond building the adventures they know and love, we also help fans create and share their own stories. Through our website and online platforms, you can play games, dive deep into mutant discoveries, and find cool interactive content, like our Battle Builder, or our new app for making stop motion movies!

You can even connect and share with other shell heads from all over the world on our Community page. There, fans can upload pictures and videos of their favorite builds, comment and react to what others share, and even discuss all things Turtles on the forum!

But that’s not the only way we’re helping to build one of the world’s strongest fandoms; through our presence at events like New York Comic Con, we share in the love first-hand.

So, do you consider yourself fan enough to take Turtle Power to the next level? Join in the action and show us how you build beyond when you sign up and connect with other Turtles fans on our site.