Build an epic battle with Greninja vs. Electabuzz!

Build an epic battle with Greninja vs. Electabuzz!

Get ready to battle with Greninja vs. Electabuzz. These two Pokémon are new to the Mega Construx world – having never been included in any set before – and we’ve pitted them against each other.

The coolest part? You get to control how the action plays out by activating the dynamic battle moves! You can choose which Pokémon will be victorious. Will Electabuzz be in hot water when you launch Greninja’s Water Shurikens from each of its arms? Or, will Greninja accept defeat when you launch Electabuzz’ Electric-Type attack? The choice is yours!

You could even set the scene for battle when you display your Pokémon in different poses. Greninja and Electabuzz are carefully designed and fully articulated so you can create realistic movements straight out of the animated series! Just check out Greninja’s tongue and silicon webbed feet.
What are you waiting for? The Greninja vs. Electabuzz set is in stores now!


SnowHacker3December 24, 2020

Any one wanna battle

LaserNinja37December 22, 2020

and i hope for a escavalier vs. golisopod vs. accelor vs. scizor and sallazle set

SilvallyzelOctober 29, 2020

i hope they make a Silvally and null set

FogBoy66September 2, 2020


SonicAgent8July 21, 2020