Build epic Pokémon battles with all-new Mega Construx™ building sets!

Build epic Pokémon battles with all-new Mega Construx™ building sets!

Coming this fall, our newest line of Pokémon Battle Packs features some fiercely competitive matchups. Each construction set comes with two buildable Pokémon, a buildable battle environment, and, of course, unique battle details to go with each iconic character!

How will the battles play out? You control the action by activating dynamic battle moves that can sway the outcome with one awesome attack! So, who’s battling who? Let’s check out the sets:

Chikorita vs. Cyndaquil

Chikorita and Cyndaquil face off to see who can climb the mountain. Place Cyndaquil on top of the rock mountain, then press the button to launch Chikorita’s Leaf Storm to knock Cyndaquil over! Talk about a volcanic eruption!

Totodile vs. Snubbull

Place Totodile and Snubbull on their platforms and let the battle begin! You can swivel Totodile’s platform to create a spinning tail attack, or push down on Snubbull’s platform to launch this Normal-type Pokémon into the air!

Dragonite vs. Togetic Challenge

A high-flying challenge takes off when Dragonite matches up against Togetic. Standing at 7.5-inches tall, Dragonite is large and in charge. But you can even the odds by building Togetic a perch with shield that whirls when you give it a spin!

Venusaur vs. Beedrill Duel

Venusaur is ready to go on the attack. Build this 6-inch Pokémon and pull on its vines to swing them at Beedrill! You can even shoot out vines hiding under its leaves! Place Beedrill on its display stand to counter with a needling attack!

Mew vs. Mewtwo Clash

An iconic matchup takes center stage when Mew and Mewtwo clash. Mewtwo stands 6.5-inches tall and harnesses the power of Shadow Ball. But Mew can dodge attacks by getting inside its defensive sphere!

Which Pokémon battles are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section. And stay tuned for more Pokémon building sets to be announced soon!


lucario117August 7, 2019

A me gustaría que saquen se braixen y zoroark o minis figura tamaño halo así sería batalla pokemon tamaño halo

NoxyfiedJuly 6, 2019

I am hyped for the eeveelutions and lucario, I hope zoroark makes it in too, it would be awesome to build that long hair and furr!

Pokemon_fanMay 11, 2019

Trainers would be cool to add

SliggooSpeedNovember 8, 2018

I wanna see Lugia and Ho-Oh at some point to be honest.

PokeFanLeGreatNovember 3, 2018

Guys heard some leaks bout scyther coming out and im hecca hyped since its one of my top 5 mew being numba one but i got da mew set