Build your fandom with MCX Heroes

After teasing 6 micro action figures at this past San Diego Comic-Con, our social media pages blew up! We got so many comments from Beyonders asking us what these new figs were all about. But there was one question in particular that bombarded the community: When can I get my hands on these?!

Beyonders, we cannot express how excited we are to share this new line with you. But before we do, we have one question of our own: Are you ready to build your fandom?

Introducing Mega Construx™ Heroes, our brand new line of dedicated micro action figures based on all your favorite pop culture heroes and villains. These babies have been molded to create a vast level of articulation. (This means that they are super poseable!) They also feature premium printed decoration and detailing, making them perfect to display. So yeah, in a word, the figs are righteous!

Series I showcases characters from some of the most iconic TV shows, and movies ever, including Star Trek: The Next Generation™, Masters of the Universe™ and Aliens™.

So who exactly will you be building? The first series features Captain Picard, a Borg Drone, a Xenomorph, a Colonial Marine, He-Man™ and Skeletor™. Each character comes with a buildable stand as well as their signature weapon, item or accessories.

MCX Heroes Series I will be available at Walmart starting this month.

And rest assured, you can look forward to building your fandom even further in the near future. Keep it locked right here for more Heroes announcements!


Cable47July 7, 2018

I would love to buy more classic TMNT figures and sets!

AlbertoFragosoApril 30, 2018

Please more Masters of the Universe

SuperPaulApril 27, 2018

Please give us more MOTU figures. The following are absolute musts: Stratos Mer-Man Ram Man Zodac Tri-Clops Trap Jaw Man-E-Faces Fisto

YJAGGApril 26, 2018

More Star Trek, Classic, TNG, DS9, Voy, Ent and DSC!

Mikelongak47April 15, 2018

Start some game of thrones figures