Celebrating 15 Years of Halo

Celebrating 15 Years of Halo

This week marks Halo’s 15th anniversary!

To celebrate #15YearsofHalo, let’s take a look back on these past 7 years of partnership with Microsoft, the legendary creator of what is arguably one of the most successful video-game franchises of all time.

It’s been a long road, but it’s been a good one.

We started working with Microsoft back in fall 2009 and have had a strong relationship with them ever since. As Gabriel and Renata on our Marketing team put it:

“We feel honored to be able to work with our friends at Microsoft, but what makes it special is when we get to meet and discuss fans at events, such as SDCC, and witness first hand the passion around Halo.”

Bringing the Halo franchise into super-detailed micro action figure form is no easy task, but we’ve come a long way from our first sets in 2009. And our work on perfecting the figures has been a continuing focus for us over the years.

“Working closely with the team at Microsoft, we’ve improved on many aspects of our Halo figures and sets,” says Étienne, one of our Halo designers who’s worked with the brand for more than two years.

“For one, our figures’ armor system has been completely buffed to be removable for maximum customizability, along with a major increase in figure articulation. We’ve also put a great amount of effort on improving the detail in our figures’ paintjobs and in our weapons moulds.”

Below are images showcasing two figures. On the left is one of our first Halo figures from 2009, and on the right is one of our newest Halo Heroes, Spartan Scout. Not only is the latter much more articulated, it’s also more detailed and allows for more customization due to its removable armor.

mega bloks collectors halo super posable action figures new old


mega bloks collectors halo super posable micro action figures new old

But all of this wouldn’t be possible without Microsoft’s constant support. Étienne goes on to mention:

“Working with the team at Microsoft is a real blast and they’re a lot of fun to collaborate with. More often than not, they're totally willing to give us, the design team, some freedom to go a little wild with colors, skins and vehicles to create the best product we can.”

It’s a partnership worth celebrating. And as we look ahead, we’re excited to keep working with Microsoft to bring you, our fans, the best sets possible from one of the most celebrated video-game franchises out there. Here’s to many more years to come!


DemarcationMediaApril 9, 2019

The difference is enormous! The new figures are so much better.

August 22, 2018

I remember my first set it was a mystery pack I got a orange spartan

GhostofReachJune 25, 2017

my first set was the og ghost withone elite and tree grunts

The_Red_ScoutMay 6, 2017

I remember the first one I had was a marine , brute, and brute chopper. I was 8 years old when I got it.

DatBoi420February 23, 2017

Why does blue team not sell in America? Real worried