Celebrating American Girl Story Builders

Celebrating American Girl Story Builders

American Girl fans are unique. You love to follow the stories of your favorite American Girls– but for you, it doesn’t end there!

You’re creative and constantly inspired to tell your own stories, whether it’s word by word, or brick by brick.

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Imagination is just one of the ways you go beyond the ordinary. When you build your American Girl world, you’re not just revisiting your favorite stories, you’re also using your own inspiration to dream up the next big thing!

With all the right pieces to customize and create, you build your own adventures, and even take the stories you know and love and make them your own, setting the scene and making it all come to life!

Whether it’s arranging Grace’s treats in her Pastry Cart and coming up with ideas for your own future business, or helping McKenna practice gymnastics and discovering your own strengths – you go beyond in every way.

When you’re done, you reach even further by connecting with other fans and sharing your stories and creations.

mega construx american girl construction toys

It’s enough to inspire us to go beyond too with figures that look just like your favorite Girl of the Year characters, and beautiful detailed sets that let you tell your stories as you bring your favorite worlds to life your way.

So keep dreaming, creating, and sharing as you continue to build your American Girl stories! When you’re ready to build the next chapter to your story, get inspired when you discover more American Girl sets here.