Community Spotlight: Brickman117

Community Spotlight: Brickman117

There are many prolific builders in our community, but arguably none are bigger fans of the Halo franchise than Brickman117. A “self-confessed lifelong fan of the franchise beyond the games themselves,” he’s always had an interest in the extended lore of the Halo universe. Not to take credit but, by his word, our Halo sets lured him back into the world of building after some time away from the hobby. [Ed. note: We’re totally taking credit!] 

As a newcomer to the MEGA Unboxed community in 2019, Brickman117 has accomplished a lot in a short time. Check out his latest creation, a beefy Banished Phantom; his custom builds are first class (more on them below). He’s been collecting Halo sets for 9 years now, but has only recently decided to share his work with the community, on his YouTube channel and here on the gallery.

When we asked Brickman117 about his process, he told us he prefers to “wing it,” opting to choose a vehicle or scene, a color scheme and then just go. Let’s take a closer look at some of his work: 

Ultimate Pelican Dropship

As faithful as it is, the Mega Construx Pelican is not to scale. It just can’t be. While our designers do their best to respect vehicle ratios as much as possible, they need to take some creative liberties to keep the size (and price!) of our models manageable. 

Brickman117 doesn’t have these restrictions. He was inspired by the Halo Infinite trailer that dropped at E3 2019: “Seeing how big the interior of the Pelican was in that trailer got me wondering how big a [micro action figure] scale Pelican would be and if it would be possible to create one, so I did a few calculations and just started building.”

Brickman117’s Pelican is modeled after the D77 dropship from the first two Halo games. Other customizations include a large armory: “I know the Pelican doesn’t have an armory, but I wanted one,” he says. He’s also added an enlarged cockpit that holds space for two micro action figures. All in all, this thing is beautiful, so much so that Brickman117 still looks at it and thinks “I can’t believe I pulled that off.”


Shadow of Intent

Wow. Just wow. Brickman117’s interpretation of this Covenant assault carrier is a thing of beauty. An incredible amount of detail went into it. The custom build features the Shadow’s signature plasma cannon on the top of the ship, its three repuslor engines, its engine intake, the hanger bay, and two more plasma cannons on the ship’s underbelly.

Brickman117 was initially reluctant to build the Shadow because of “the difficult shapes involved.” He didn’t think he could “pull it off.” Well, the community convinced him to give it a shot, and it was worth it! The finished result is jaw dropping, and even though it was “frustrating beyond belief,” Brickman117 is pleased with the build, stating that it’s “the most enjoyable build that I’ve done.”

Ultimate Warthog

Now this is a beast. Based on the M12 model, Brickman117’s version may only be 4 studs longer and 2 studs wider than the standard Mega Construx model, but he’s managed to pack in an amazing amount of detail. Let’s start with the exterior. There’s a multi-linked suspension with visible red springs on both the front and back wheels, inspired by the Halo 2: Anniversary version. He’s also modified the winch and has included a hook that hangs off the front of vehicle. Brickman117’s Warthog also includes larger headlights, a removeable, hinged rear step and a removeable, hinged toolbox with fuel cans.

On the inside, the Ultimate Warthog features multiple display screens to replicate that in-game feel when driving, tan seats for upgraded authenticity and there’s even a weapons holder for the driver or passenger.

Finally, if you’re into dioramas as much as we are, check out some of Brickman117’s other work, like his Ultimate Assault of High Ground (Phase 2). This original build features a two-tier bunker that just oozes with Halo personality. Scenic builds like this really give us that itch to put some bricks together. Also check out his Glassing New Mombasa diorama which incorporates the Shadow of Intent. Truly epic stuff.

Brickman117 has a lot going on, so be sure to give his MEGA Unboxed page a click. And if you’re looking for even more of his work why not check out his YouTube channel while you’re at it.

What’s your favorite Brickman117 build? What do you think he should build next? Let him know in the comments! And be sure to look for more community member profiles in the future.


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SnowWarrior8December 25, 2020

You should make kits and sell them $$$$$$

FoamHacker1December 21, 2020

It most of took a lot of time making that giant pelican

FoamHacker1December 21, 2020

This is super cool I love micro mocs also good good job on new Mombasa and the Covent ship :)

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I love these!