Fan Friday Recap: May

Every Friday, we highlight photos from our fan gallery on our social media pages under the hashtag #FanFriday. Some are impressive custom builds, and others are beautiful life-like shots of our micro action figures.


At the beginning of every month, we compile all the Fan Friday photos for those who missed out (or don’t follow our social media pages). We had some excellent winners this May, so we hope you enjoy looking over our winner’s hard work below! Be sure to leave a comment about your favorite choice, or tell us which Fan Gallery photo you think should have won!


Our first week’s picture is a custom Warthog by RuCat757. He celebrated his 50th post to our fan gallery with his first Custom Build!


The following week, thekiller2468 submitted his awesome custom build of a Halo 2/3 GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor. What an impressive plane. We can only image how much time that took!


On the third week of May, we had a live shot by bp_animation. We loved the use of the environment in this photo since it added a touch of realism to this beautiful shot.


Finally, on the last Friday of May, we had another custom build. This one, by Patrick1978, is a MLRD mobile rocket launcher tank. He used parts from two heavy armored tanks to create this awesome tank.


Want to be featured in our upcoming Fan Friday pictures? Upload your own creations and pictures to our fan gallery HERE.


madaboutcod3 Jun, 2016

This will be harder than I thought.

SpartanMish1 Jun, 2016

That is a nice longsword.

thekiller24681 Jun, 2016

Thanks for another shout-out cary, the time it took? Almost a week actually, That was my 2nd attempt so i was aware of what i need to do ;)

jabbathehut1 Jun, 2016

Nice job RuCat757.

Spartanz191 Jun, 2016

Well, I'd better get started!