Fan Friday Recap: June and July

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, which means it’s time to highlight the #FanFriday winners from July! Our winners are chosen every week from photos submitted to the Fan Gallery. While everyone has a chance to be chosen, we tend to select very impressive builds or amazing life-style shots! Let us know what you think of July’s Fan Friday photos below!


Our first week of June was a battlefield recreation from WWII. We appreciated how Ian59 manage to capture the emotion of the solider in this photograph.


The following week, GoodwillHunter assembled his fleet and prepared to explore the galaxy with his custom mini Star Trek ships.


On the third week of June, Therook13 made us want to take cover with another fantastic photo! The use of real life elements in this picture really made it stand out!


Forensic_Medic came in strong with his first #FanFriday win on the last week of June. Every little detail down to the footsteps in the sand was not missed in this intricate shot.


OrbitOfForum took his first #FanFriday with this clever picture. Who needs fancy special effects when you got a pen, paper and creativity!


Saintsyn took us to the heart of the jungle with our new Riverboat Raid. We love how the lighting and use of props puts us right in the middle of the action.


On the third week of July, we kicked off the weekend with this awesome build by ocean707. We loved the creative use of parts and attention to detail that sets the mood in this cool summer custom!


Our last FanFriday of July was a fantastic custom airship for the Turtles by williamhxg.

Want to be featured in our upcoming Fan Friday pictures? Upload your own creations and pictures to our Fan Gallery.


Jaquemega24 Aug, 2016

Destiny mega bloks are cool

sejm1209 Aug, 2016

never say never it may happen you just need to think out side of the box mega bloks loves all of there fans to pieces and they will eventually showcase you just no right now but keep trying and planning and your winning day will come

MCX_Team5 Aug, 2016

Keep trying your best and who knows, you may just see yourself here one day :)!

HellJumper0233 Aug, 2016

@Spartanz19 you never know you might get it at the end of this month. (It might take me a while too.)

Silenttakedown3 Aug, 2016

I'll never win this,EVER