Get to know the Fall 2016 HALO® line

With summer coming to an end we turn to fall and with that, a new Halo Fall 2016 line. Get ready to gear up and travel the universe because we have all new heroes, weapons, vehicles and more!

First, get ready to try your luck with blind bags! The new Foxtrot series won’t disappoint with an all-new wave of UNSC soldiers and Covenant enemies to collect. Also, look forward to finding two amazing ultra-rare figurines hidden in somewhere among the bags!

Every team needs a hero. Get your own with our new Halo Heroes wave 2. In this season’s roster, you’ll find Spartan Demarco, Sergeant Forge and ODST Romeo, along with a Spartan Scout, Spartan Oceanic and a Spartan Gungnir. Each hero comes armed and ready to take on whatever comes their way! Are you ready?

Time to gear up for battle with some amazing new customizer packs! This season, drop into the action with the ODST Armor Customizer Pack, or defend the Covenant cause with the Elite Weapons Customizer Pack. Both sets include two highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures with authentic weapons, as well two crates for storing all your gear.

Ready for a solo mission with Spartan Douglas-042? Rush out for duty in the new buildable UNSC Jackrabbit! With its treaded dual front wheel and roof-mounted machine gun, nothing will be able to stand in the way of you and your mission!

Dominate the battlefield with both the Strike Cyclops and Incinerator Cyclops. Each Cyclops is fully articulated, with an opening canopy and cockpit. In addition, the sets include one highly detailed, super-poseable UNSC micro action figure with detachable armor and accessories.  You’ll also find a Bronze REQ pack in each set. Bonus!

Ready yourself to take on the enemy with four all-new Fireteam squads. Choose your side with either the UNSC Yankee Squad or Fireteam Stingray, or join the enemy with the Covenant Brute Lance or Covenant Storm Lance. Whatever your allegiance, it’s sure to be an epic battle. Look out for a Bronze REQ pack in each set!


Build up your defences and hold your ground against the Brute Chopper coming in strong! Build this Brute vehicle, with its camo finish, large double front wheel, and swivelling articulation. Then help Spartan Kat defend from inside her buildable Bubble Shield!.Plus, find your Silver REQ Pack, packed inside this set!

Time to finally build your Warthog the way you want it with this fully upgradeable UNSC Warthog. Customize your Warthog and roll out in Patrol Mode. Or swap out pieces to go into Battle Mode and defend your base with a Spartan Hermes and a Spartan War Master. Make sure to redeem your Silver REQ pack from this set!

The Elite are coming! Stay undetected and prepare your Spartan Helljumper to fire a Missile Pod at the incoming Covenant Wraith! This set comes with a GOLD REQ pack!

Get pumped for the launch of Halo Wars 2 when you build an eight-wheeled tank with the new UNSC Kodiak Siege Cannon! This set includes not only a big tank but also 3 highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures, including Spartan Alice-130 and two Brute Minors. Surely a shining addition to any collection.

It’s time to act quickly! Build your UNSC Spade Rush and race into battle with a Spartan EVA and a Spartan Operator!

Drop into battle with deadly swiftness with the UNSC Kestrel Strike! This Walmart exclusive includes a buildable UNSC Kestrel VTOL aircraft with camo finish, opening cockpit, and twin-linked autocannons. Plus, you get a buildable Covenant base featuring an armory, weapons crate with detailed weapons, and a slew of highly detailed characters, including a Spartan War Master, ODST and Promethean Knight, plus an Alpha Crawler, two Crawlers, and one Watcher.

Want to grow your figure collection fast? The Arena Champions battle pack is perfect way to build your troops! This set includes 16 highly detailed, super-poseable Spartan micro action figures with detachable armor and authentic weapons from four distinct teams! A hot set for any avid figurine collector that is only available at Toys R Us.

Want to stock up on some Promethean warriors? This exclusive Target set lets you build a Promethean Strike with six Spartans, four Promethean Soldiers, a Promothean Sniper, three Crawlers, one Alpha Crawler and a Watcher. Ready to defend the base, soldier?

Battle has erupted on the arctic expanse when tank meets turret in the UNSC Cobra Clash! This Toys R Us exclusive includes a buildable UNSC Cobra tank and a Covenant Turret. Battle it out with a Marine and Spartan Copperhead against an Elite Minor and a Grunt Minor.

Finally, we have the epitome of our entire Fall 2016 line and that is our massive Signature Series Halo set: the Covenant Spirit Dropship.

This Toys R Us exclusive is 2,281 pieces of pure awesomeness and comes with seven highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures, including one Elite Commander, one Elite Zealot in detachable armor, one Imperial Grunt, and four Grunt Minors.

Are you excited for all the new sets coming out this season? We sure are!


Harrison41620 Jun, 2017

You guys need to make a new Mantis

danterocks3815 Nov, 2016

Make some titan fall sets plz

tytyhalo28 Oct, 2016

also make more Halo sets

RugosS11728 Oct, 2016

i cant wait to get dual mode warthog

Rex56026 Oct, 2016

Can't wait for the Promethean Soldier pack. I think we are over due for a new type of Falcon. Please make that!