Halo Wars 2: Building the battlefield

Halo Wars 2, one of the most anticipated games of 2017, is about to revitalize the real-time strategy genre with a sequel eight years in the making. Set decades after the events of Halo Wars, the game revisits old friends and introduces new adversaries.

With the new game launch on the horizon, we’re just as excited as any Halo fan to dive into the world of Halo Wars 2.  Therefore, we’re putting all our passion for Halo to work, with new sets that help fans bring Halo Wars 2 to life in amazing ways.

Our teams value detail in everything they do, from deluxe printed decoration to action features and figures you can pose; it’s always our mission to connect fans more deeply with what they’re passionate about.

We start working on sets before a new game is released — sometimes before it’s even announced! — so when fans finally get to experience the game, they don’t have to wait to build their own versions of that universe.

We work closely with Microsoft, and our design, packaging, and marketing teams often travel to 343 Industries to learn everything they can about the games that inspire our sets. They then capture all that uniqueness in our sets.

Halo Wars 2 mega construx

We’re always looking for new ways to help Halo fans experience their favorite worlds in their own way, whether they’re a master builder or just starting to collect.

Fans can recreate iconic scenes, collect their favorite characters, customize their own variations, or even go all out by building our super-scale Signature Series sets!

We’ve even launched new media and created unique tools to inspire fans to share their creations. Our latest example is our new stop motion app, which helps fans bring their creations to life in action-packed videos.

So celebrate Halo Wars 2 with us when you build your Halo universe. Check out the collection here, or create your own Halo Wars 2 movies the Mega Construx™ Stop Motion Builder!


masheypotado24 Apr, 2017

cheeze burgur made of pasta

lince10 Apr, 2017

um eso es asombroso

Keysquirreltree31 Mar, 2017

already got 6 figures, 1 set from the line

AudiR8161 Mar, 2017

@Fox117 Yeah Ok I Will Check it Out!

Fox11724 Feb, 2017

See my set idea about Halo Wars an you could make people even happier.