How’s The Weather Up There?

How’s The Weather Up There?

This iconic, flying Halo vehicle comes with removable cryo tanks and 4 battle ready missiles to maximize your Covenant-hunting fire power. Between the advanced cryo technology and multiple projectiles, your Frostraven will freeze and obliterate your enemies. Just load the missiles, take aim and fire at your target! And there’s no need to be trigger shy when you have 4 missiles. Happy shooting!

With classic UNSC decoration and a classic Frostraven look to boot, your battle displays will be next level! Whether you suspend the Frostraven for flying display action or ground the vehicle for docking and a restocking of ammo, your Frostraven will catch the light fantastique and make your display pop.

Open the cockpit and plant your UNSC pilot inside for takeoff. Then flick your spinning propellers into action, and take off for a smooth departure. Mission is a-go! Find Decimus, wearing his exo-mech suit and blast him with the Frostraven’s missiles. But look out! Decimus is fully articulated and may dodge your projectiles!

If the Banished Commander Decimus gets away, land the Frostraven, take your pilot out of the cockpit, and drop the weapons rack and load up for a mission on foot. You know your mission! Now get it done, soldier!


RocketHunter7November 9, 2020

Plane go brrrr

lawrencepittman357October 26, 2020

Love how this set combines with the other , it gives you double play time and enjoyment combining 2 sets into 1. We definitely need to see more of this!!!

TsunamiWarrior13October 22, 2020

On Amazon it showed the propellers spin by themselves is that true?

StardustHunter1October 14, 2020

how much is it

DonutBoy18October 7, 2020

I almost have enough money