Mega Construx™ Beyonders™ Story: Alina Bringing Sweetness to Everyone

Mega Construx™ Beyonders™ Story: Alina Bringing Sweetness to Everyone

Beyonders are people who push boundaries. They break new ground, go beyond expectations, beyond the story, and beyond the norm. They bring a new perspective and inspire us each and every day with their vision for the future to build the world they love.

To celebrate what makes Beyonders special, and to bring these passionate fans together in a community that drives them further, fuels their inspiration to do more, and encourages them to reach higher ground, Mega Construx™ will periodically feature one Beyonder in a new series of blog posts entitled “The MCX Beyonders”. These inspirational profiles highlight what is possible when people, follow their curiosity and #BuildBeyond.

Today we are sharing more about Beyonder™, Alina Morse. When Alina was a little girl, she went to the bank with her dad, where the teller offered her a sucker. She really wanted the lollipop, but Alina’s dad had always told her that eating sugar is bad for your teeth. So Alina asked her father a simple but important question, “Dad, why can’t we make a lollipop that is good for your teeth?” Together, Alina and her dad found the best possible ingredients and created good-for-you lollipops with different flavors. After many trials, Alina and her dad started sharing these new Zollipops® with friends and family to make taking care of your teeth easier and tastier. Below is more about her journey with Zollipops® and how she chooses to Build Beyond™.

Tell us about your company.

Zollipops are an all-natural, sugar-free lollipop that are also gluten free, kosher and vegan. I came up with the idea when I was 7 years old during a visit to the bank with my Dad. I was offered a sucker, and he told me the sugar was bad for my teeth, so I asked him “why can’t we make a lollipop that is good for your teeth?” He told me to do some research, and from there Zollipops was born.

What inspires you to challenge the status quo and Build Beyond?

My Dad has always told me that I can do anything if “I work hard, try, believe, and never give up.” My Mom has always taught me that “girls can do anything that boys can do.” Together, I think both of these things have inspired me to challenge the status quo.

What has been the most exciting part of Zollipops?

Definitely traveling and meeting different people from all over the world!

What do you see yourself doing next?

I see (hopefully) adding to the Zollipop product line, and see spreading awareness about the benefits of Zollipops, and trying to help reduce tooth decay thru our 250,000 Smiles campaign.

Where can we learn more about Zollipops?

You can learn more about Zollipops on our website , you can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook!


mjwDecember 26, 2017

my word of advice is to go buy a Bible,a King James Version and read it and once you know it you can talk to someone and He is called God and read from start to end and read the book of Matthew slowly and ask GOD for help when your in need:)

Boo101November 19, 2017

Awesome, and it's nice that you said something about the compainy, now I need to go and check it out, and it's cool your doing highlights! (sorry if something is miss spelled)

MCX_TeamNovember 16, 2017

@ccbrowning5 Thanks! It's the beginning of a fun series :) We'll be announcing it on our social media platforms today!

ccbrowning5November 15, 2017

I like this new blogging thing! "Sweet story!" --- Get the Pun? XD