Mega Construx Inventions™: An all-new way to build!

Mega Construx Inventions™: An all-new way to build!

Mega Construx™ has always helped brick fans bring their favorite worlds to life. But what if you want to create your own universe from scratch? That’s the idea behind Mega Construx™ Inventions, a new line of open-ended kids’ building sets we’re launching this month.

Build Beyond
the rulebook

Whacky and fun, the new construction sets come in different sizes, with bricks of different shapes, colors and even cool finishes, special parts, and themed details. But don’t expect to find any rule-books to tell you exactly what to build. Instead, discover building inspiration to get you started.


From there you can create anything you want, whether you pick a set with 50 pieces or 1,000, stick to one color or go for a mixed pack. It’s an awesome new way to bring your ideas to life!


Special parts that loop, launch, bend & more!

New inventions need new parts, right? Find in every set – from stretchy bricks you can loop onto pencils to suction cup bricks, launchers that really fling, spring bricks, bendy pieces, and way more cool parts to add action and fun to what you build.


Mix and Match for even more to build!

Build even bigger and wilder creations when you mix and match different Mega Construx Inventions™ sets, or combine them with other sets you own. Then discover even more possibilities with our new builder’s app!


A new app to build outside the box!

Also launching this month, our new Mega Construx™ Beyonders™ app lets you build like never before with interactive, step-by-step guides, tips, and new building ideas updated regularly. Think of it as your digital building companion.

And it’s where you’ll find the coolest building inspiration for your Mega Construx Inventions™ sets. Get the app, and check off sets in your collection to unlock new building possibilities based on the sets you own.

With more than a dozen new sets launching this fall, we can’t wait to see how and what you’ll create with Mega Construx Inventions™. How will you Build Beyond™?


lawrencepittman357June 25, 2019

More fun to build your own on!!!

smalldragonJuly 19, 2018

it's not bad never this is awesome and amazing

BossofbricksJuly 18, 2018

Not been around for ages

AiasOileusJuly 16, 2018

Some of those sets look extremely useful, such as that wheels pack.