New York Toy Fair Slime Surprise: Breakout Beasts™ Series 3 coming soon!

New York Toy Fair Slime Surprise: Breakout Beasts™ Series 3 coming soon!

You might want to make some room on your toy shelf because we’ve got some new slime toys coming your way. Breakout Beasts™ is releasing its third series this fall. That’s right, they’re back, introducing 9 new beasts that are ready to rumble. As always, the newest collection of Breakout Beasts™ will each be packaged in a mystery, slime-filled egg and come with 4 colors of slime to collect.

Crack open the egg, then dig out the pieces to build your beast. You can collect them all, including dragons, gargoyles and even a wolf. With all-new details, armors and accessories, mix and combine beasts to create your very own monster!

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BroughtonDecember 28, 2019

When does series 4 come out

Legendary_ToysJuly 15, 2019

When are they coming out

janders89May 1, 2019

Looking forward to series 3. To echo some other sentiments in this forum, I really wish we could find series 2 in stores. Series 3 looks great! Hopefully they do a series 4 with some new designs and maybe a little less of a color mashup

CrizionConstruxApril 12, 2019

Man I can’t wait until these come out! I have all series 1 including thunderroar no series 2 braces they don’t sell them in stores where I live and I hope that I can get a series 3 especially the lava wolf

HachikoDemon661April 11, 2019

I hope that series 2 and 3 will have packs soon. Just like in series one