Probuilder sneak-peek: New sets coming this fall!

Probuilder sneak-peek: New sets coming this fall!

Probuilder fans rejoice! After a super-successful launch, we’re keeping the excitement going with even more Probuilder sets to challenge you. This means you’ll soon be getting even more authenticity, even more detail, and even more features. That’s a lot of “more”, but more of what, exactly? Read on to learn about the new sets hitting shelves this fall!

We’ve listened to your feedback on the forums, and we’re thrilled to tell you that our next sets were once again suggested by you, the fans. So, without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff!

Have you ever wanted to go on a daring rescue mission? Well now you can with the heroic Helicopter Rescue set. Featuring a working wench, retractable landing gear, removable cockpit and hatch roof, this helicopter has more detail than in-flight safety instructions. And at 750 pieces, you’re going to need the three included super-poseable micro action figures to help you clear this chopper for liftoff.

Now, let’s take it back to yesteryear. All aboard this 1,272-piece, locomotive; we’re headed to the wild, wild west with a notorious Train Heist! This set has everything you need to recreate iconic felonies – or rugged arrests – across the American frontier! This G-scale train includes rolling locomotive, freight car, flatcar, caboose, and bricks of gold. Only one question remains, cowboy: Who’s gonna grab it, the super-poseable soldiers, or the backstabbin’ outlaws?

That’s about it, partners. Be on the lookout these two new Probuilder sets, hits shelves and websites this fall. And don’t forget to join the discussion on our forums to discover even more Mega Construx™ Probuilder!




paulndotNovember 27, 2018

How about some Aliens themed stuff to go with the Xenomorph and Space Marine Heroes? Maybe a ProBuilder Halcyon?

Rico1176October 3, 2018

Maybe a Nautilus set with Captian Nemo or something along those lines would he cool to see in the future...very happy to see these news sets though

CrashkonSeptember 21, 2018

They should do the doom guy he would look amazing

Cable47September 18, 2018

Still waiting on more classic TMNT :D

fcbayernfan35September 6, 2018

These are great! More please!