Product Feature: Halo Cyclops Rebuild

Product Feature: Halo Cyclops Rebuild

Are you a fan of our Halo Mega Bloks line?

If so, we’ve got a surprise for you!

We know that you, our awesome fans, love to create your own custom builds. Thanks to you innovative thinkers, our Halo design team was inspired to make their very own unique builds using two currently released sets. The finished Product? Two exciting 2-in-1 builds. If you own both the Incinerator Cyclops (DPJ86) and the Strike Cyclops (DPJ87), you can now combine them to make one of two completely different sets!

Check them out for yourself.

Mega Bloks Collectors Cyclops Halo

Mega Bloks Collectors Cyclops Halo

You can find out how to build our new hybrid cyclops’ by downloading the "Rebuilds (1)" and "Rebuilds (2)" playbooks here.


uliseshyuDecember 3, 2018

hola solo quiero avisar que no esta el instructivo para combinar los sets cuando lo van a poner ?

GwandoAugust 31, 2017

I cant get the link to work. I really want to build these. Anyone know where i can get the instructions?

DaForerunnerFebruary 26, 2017

Now I can build a Cyclops 2.0.

DavidlemusDecember 2, 2016

Se ve genial esta convinacion para todos lo aficionados incluyendome se ve genial y la transformacion de 2 en 1 es genial

FreshKhaosNovember 10, 2016

is this in Halo 5 update yet because this legit...