Welcome Back Probuilder

As many of you already know, a few months ago we unveiled our World Beyond installation at New York Toy Fair 2017. The installation was created to celebrate Beyonders everywhere; your passion and your vision. The response to the installation has been overwhelming, inspiring us to come up with new creations to truly Build Beyond™.

Drawing from your outpouring of support, we are proud to announce our brand new line of Probuilder construction sets. These sets are directly inspired by feedback taken from our community, and so we’re very excited to share with you the first two sets in the series. (Shhh; they feature Viking and the Space motifs!) Look for them at Toys R Us soon!

You probably have a couple of questions about what these sets are all about. Good thing we have the answers!

Viking Longship Raid

The Viking longship is a historically iconic vessel that Beyonders can bring to life. At 995 pieces, there is plenty of loot to be found in this set! Man your crew of 6 super poseable micro action figures with their authentically detailed weapons, raise the retractable sail, and prepare for war!

The ship features ropes and pulleys, a retractable cloth sail and tent cover, a side rudder, storage compartments, and 14 oars that move. This set makes for a one-of-a-kind build adventure. Happy sailing!

Space Rover Expedition

Blast into hyperspace and explore Mars with this authentically detailed space rover. The rover’s interactive pieces, including opening cockpit and side door, robotic arm and dual suspension make this the perfect set for living out your astronaut fantasy. It even comes with a connectible trailer, a buildable drone and 3 super poseable astronaut micro action figures ready to explore. At 706 pieces, this is one of our most stellar sets yet!

Both sets will be available this fall. We can’t wait for you guys to try them out for yourselves. We are so excited to bring back Probuilder and we know you’ll love it – because you asked for it!

Be sure to request more Probuilder sets on our site and all over social media. What do you want to see next? Let us know! And remember, don’t just build, build like a pro!


masheypotado117 Jan, 2018

first can you please make the last of us sets. and second. tomlinson54., can you not. nobody cares about your investing, your ruining it for other people

tomlinson5421 Dec, 2017

Bring back world of Warcraft sets but on a smaller scale instead of shelling out the same halo sets each year. These do look cool but as a consumer, I cant invest due to the risk of this being another failed project.

SpartanGregor11325 Oct, 2017

I was just looking into this further... why aren't the sets available yet? Is it just America their not available in? Has ANYBODY gotten these sets yet? Plus, I have some ideas, but if you're gonna use em you'd better make the Mars rover set available for us here in the U.S. First: Knights of the Round Table (if you so wished, you could make it the Round Table of Mega CX, so instead of a lion or whatever their symbol is, it would be the CX. Also, they could have a flag.) Second: Wizard Tower. Not much more to say. Third: Moon Base. Though I agree with @Rivianhonor about the medieval sets... I work more with the sci fi sets. This moon base should have similar figures to the Rover Expedition, except maybe a different design for the helmet. Also, instead of a rover, it would be a small lunar outpost.

Rivianhonor25 Oct, 2017

I think it'll be a lot easier on megabloks if they get away from the futuristic genre.

Rivianhonor25 Oct, 2017

I believe there should be more historical themes. Megabloks would make more money from it, but also bring World of Warcraft back. Add more fantasy themes, and stop milking off Destiny and Halo.