Micro Action Figures Warrior Series

Sets CNC84


Send in reinforcements with eight collectible warriors in battle-ready red gear!

Deploy the next wave with this series of eight collectible characters in red-themed armor and gear. With both UNSC and Covenant characters to collect, prepare for the unknown when you find one new recruit, hardened veteran, or alien marauder in each mystery blind pack. Each micro action figure comes with its own detachable armor and battle-ready weapon. Collect them all and build your forces! 

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Blind pack with one random, red-themed Halo micro action figure
  • Collectible figures range from common to ultra rare
  • UNSC and Covenant characters to discover
  • Each figure is super-poseable with a highly detailed design
  • Figures come with detachable armor, weapon accessory, and display block
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx
  • Build your Halo universe, and build beyond!

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This series is very nice! I didn't get all of them as I wasn't very interested in them. (From left to right) Flame Marine: Very cool, I'm glad to see that MEGA is making them in the blind bags once again! It's been forever since I've seen this again. The silver thrower and black hose went perfectly with his red body. He's very cool and he's massable!/// Translucent Atriox: He is a very nice figure. The evil red goes perfect with his personality. I'm not a fan of MEGA including the gummies shown in the series. I personally liked to find the packs with double figures.Atriox isn't massable but he is a nice addition./// Red Marine: By far my fav in the series. The red armor is so cool on him. The silver AR and the whit-ish shoulder pads look great on him! The pouch on his leg looks really nice. He's massable and he looks relatively close to the Warzone marines./// The Grunt: I personally like the grunts. I love the new armor and the new colors. I have no problem with this fig. He's cool and massable, what more could you ask for?/// Mark VI Gen 1: A very nice figure. The silver armor and red visor is totally wicked! I love that he comes with the solid red Needler. That is my favorite weapon in the series. He's not massable but he is very sweet./// Red Recruit: My personal second fav of the series. The blue visor kinda clashes with the red. Red and Blue never really mixed. They're always at war. It is nice to see a combination of the 2 though. The Tshotgun is very nice. Kinda reminds me of Breakout on H5. He's not massable but he is one nice fig./// Promethean Soldier: This soldier is a very massable fig. There isn't much detail and I don't understand the translucent red Boltshot./// The zealot is probably my least fav of the series. It's just a duplicate of the one from Challenger and Warrior. I do like the combo with the Storm Rifle though./// Well that's it. Thanks MEGA!!! Overall, 5 Stars

i got so many zealots i have 4 of them then i had a marine and a grunt i love the grunt and the marine but the zealots no i have 4 of them because of this set.