Battle for New Mombasa (Part2) Red Ending by Mega Bloks Halo

Halo Part 2 Red Ending H264


thurmanrobert17 Nov, 2017

my god that is so amazing:)

Mr-BLOCK24 Dec, 2016

I love the two endings.

Airpliotbro17 Dec, 2016

Lol I agree with you

ONIisIlluminati13 Jul, 2016

At 0:34, to the left is master Cheif there celebrating to. Guess master chief isn't all so serious all the time is he

ONIisIlluminati13 Jul, 2016

Actually @Freddy123halo, it wouldn't matter about cost because everyone is out of the city and in halo, it seems that they don't go back to rebuild their lost cities