Halo Mega Construx™ | The Battle Begins | Build Beyond™

It’s the start of a new chapter in this stop-motion animation inspired by the new Halo Wars 2 game. Join Spartan Jerome on the battlefield and follow the advance of Atriox as this powerful warlord prepares to meet his match!


Zegram5 Apr, 2017

Wow that was really like the game

Callof8329 Mar, 2017

You guy should make a COD stopmotion!!!

charliebucket28 Mar, 2017

That's cool! Thanks @ccbrowning5 for pointing this out to me!

Fox11725 Mar, 2017

@HipySpartan3 his name is Captain Cutter and yes they made a set with him alone.

jabbathehut25 Mar, 2017

@HipySpartan3, his name is Captain Cutter, and he's in a Hero Series pack. I think I've seen it on Amazon.com.