Halo Mega Construx™ | The Battle Begins | Build Beyond™

It’s the start of a new chapter in this stop-motion animation inspired by the new Halo Wars 2 game. Join Spartan Jerome on the battlefield and follow the advance of Atriox as this powerful warlord prepares to meet his match!


Jacobjparker1 Aug, 2017

I want to play halo wars 1 and 2

GhostofReach25 Jun, 2017

i like how the made a comedy version of one of Halo wars 2 trailers XD

SpartanGregor11310 Jun, 2017

What framerate is this done with? These are incredible!

halocod16 May, 2017

Heaps cool animation of halo wars 2

Zegram5 Apr, 2017

Wow that was really like the game