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One World.
Endless adventures!

In Mega Construx World™, anything is possible. Firefighters put out dragon fires, ogres ride around in police cars, and wizards hang out with knights in houses! This is the place where anything goes, so what will you create?

Mega Construx World
Image of: Dorien™
Image of: Jaxton™
Image of: Devi™
Image of: Kaliyah™
Image of: Gillon™


Wherever there’s trouble, you’ll find our villain. Dorien™ is the leader of the Red Army, and this mean mastermind makes up his own rules, whether he’s leading a Red Army attack from atop his dragon or plotting to steal something from the good guys.



This adventurer is a natural born leader with lots of energy. Jaxton™ is always ready to dive head-first into adventure, but sometimes that can get this explorer into trouble, too. Lucky for him, he always seems to come out on top!



The group’s sweetheart, Devi™ is a girl who prefers to see the good in things. Friendly and kind, she sometimes needs a push to help her take chances. But with her friends by her side, she’s unstoppable!



When it comes to brains and brawn – and especially brains – Keagan is the whole package. This brave leader of the Blue Army is as smart as she is strong, and can always be counted on to outwit her opponents!



At first glance, Gillon™ may look like just another clumsy ogre. But this kind-hearted goof is far from ordinary. Not only is Gillon™ blessed with ogre strength, he also knows how to use his builder’s skills to solve almost any problem, and that’s why he’s the mechanic!

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