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2019 Halo Customizer Sets

Construído por Kevin_MCX    Oct 23, 2019

2019 Halo Customizer Sets
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2019 Halo Customizer Sets
2019 Halo Customizer Sets
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TechnoHunter9 Mar 15, 2020

The second Spartan IS purple and he DOES have an energy sword, so you could say he's a covenant experiment. That's why I'd get this just for the purple Spartan, but I'd also get it because I don't have any storage boxes.


HALx-10 Dec 11, 2019

so many spartans not enough troop packs, also- lets see the spartans gain a foot so they look more like super soldier, you know??


Axis_The_Exiled Nov 17, 2019

I want this set and can’t find it anywhere for the price it’s supposed to be at. I’ve looked everywhere with no luck.


ben2150 Nov 13, 2019

Out of curiosity, will we see more covenant sets? The equal amounts of UNSC and covenant characters are cool and all, But having Spartans outnumber the covenant and standard marines seems wrong. Not to mention that Grunts should outnumber the Elites I would also like to see more Jackals. Along with weapons packs for the covenant characters. I have a multitude of human weapons. If possible I would also love to have more covenant vehicles. So far, my little battlefield seems overrun by human vehicles. I would love to see more wraiths, banshees, and ghosts. Preferably in the Halo CE style. Thank you for your hard work, I really like your sets. I have purchased several of them.


Kevin_MCX Nov 05, 2019

@True_Savage, I hear ya. the early 2020 line consists of a few small sets. However, the second half of 2020 will be exciting. I can't discuss details, but there will be lots of new building sets to collect.