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2020 Preview: Halo Micro Action Figure Blind Bags

Construído por Kevin_MCX    Nov 08, 2019

2020 Preview: Halo Micro Action Figure Blind Bags

ShadoWarden23 Mar 13, 2020

@EndyTheDragon14 @Odstspartanstinger where do you live? I want blind bags too! =D


Odstspartanstinger Mar 12, 2020

I really want the marine. I bought 5 and got 3 yellow Spartans and 2 green Spartans. Plus none of their heads look right.


EndyTheDragon14 Mar 08, 2020

I found them and I got all the Spartans the yellow, green and silver ones at my target


Ender3028 Mar 04, 2020

The covenant and Marine are what I want


ShadoWarden23 Feb 29, 2020

I am going to try for the green Spartan and the marine. Just gotta love those flood infection forms tho!