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Closer Look at Aliens Eggs!

Construído por Kevin_MCX    Dec 13, 2019

Closer Look at Aliens Eggs!
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Closer Look at Aliens Eggs!
Closer Look at Aliens Eggs!
Closer Look at Aliens Eggs!
Closer Look at Aliens Eggs!
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lawrencepittman357 Feb 15, 2020

AWESOMESAUCE!!! i buy all that I can find...


HALx-10 Jan 18, 2020

as suspected my Walmart only bought one box you guys got to ship multiple boxes


Jay1117 Jan 06, 2020

The one 2 things I have a problem with is the more detailed washed xenomorph that is supposed to be red seems to be more orange and the black xenomorph isn't as glossy and shiny as the original figure. Minor stuff but still is a way to improve these figures they look awesome wither way.


Acehalonerd1128 Dec 20, 2019

Ok thanks man


Kevin_MCX Dec 18, 2019

@Acehalonerd1128, these will be released at Walmart in the US. @Dielectric, these are final. The swirl effect will be more or less pronounced on each figure since it depends on how the hot plastic is injected into the mold. Each figure will be unique in that regard.