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Image of: Cinimod64

Custom Halo 4 Chief

Construído por Cinimod64    Jan 22, 2020

Custom Halo 4 Chief
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Custom Halo 4 Chief
Custom Halo 4 Chief
Custom Halo 4 Chief
Custom Halo 4 Chief
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JoeFilms Jan 23, 2020

Looking WAY better! Well done!


ShlubCustoms Jan 23, 2020

I'll make a forum topic about it either later today or tomorrow. I just need to sort my paints again and I have kinda been avoiding painting this year. I have been too busy sorting my Castle, Kingdoms, and B*onicle sets.


TheSSMotionTom Jan 23, 2020

Great work with the highlights, buddy. Feels like a Super-Articulated version of the Forward Unto Dawn figure!


ratss454 Jan 23, 2020

It looks great, and I too enjoyed halo 4.


RedThree Jan 22, 2020

Well, someone's looking spiffy! Nice work!