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I Returned

Construído por Haloguy092    Dec 21, 2019

I Returned
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I Returned
I Returned
I Returned
I Returned
I Returned
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Acehalonerd1128 Dec 21, 2019

Welcome back


Muto112 Dec 21, 2019

Like nigel said, i could say a chaos around in few words. Glad then your back Slayer!!


81Ceta_Deta Dec 21, 2019

Oh, hey. Welcome back.


Haloguy092 Dec 21, 2019

Oh congrats @nigleninja11


nigelninja11 Dec 21, 2019

Um, I’m going to hit 900 posts tomorrow? That’s all I can think of... oh yeah also, Glibglub went back in time and changed the timeline, causing Legin to come back.