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"I see you"

Construído por EthanDavisAnimations    Mar 25, 2020

"I see you"

81Ceta_Deta Mar 26, 2020

Sneaky boi soon to be yeeted off the face of the earth boi...


TechnoHunter9 Mar 26, 2020

How is that they can breath and fly through SPACE just fine, but they can't breath UNDERWATER? Kinda defeats the point of both Orbital and Oceanic armour because: 1.If blue team can fly and breath in space just fine, then what's the point of having an armour set made for spacefaring?, And 2. If Spartans can't breath underwater, and the armours only change cosmetics, what's the point of having a set of armour built for going underwater? I just don't get it.


Cinimod64 Mar 25, 2020

"You don't see me."


nigelninja11 Mar 25, 2020

Water is acid for Spartans.