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Image of: Murple

Is this guy rare?

Construído por Murple    Jan 06, 2020

Is this guy rare?

TheMegaContruxtors Jan 08, 2020

I've got him. He came with a flood marine and battlescape


Murple Jan 06, 2020

@VinceHoffman ok, that’s cool! But it also really stinks because the figure broke from falling today.


VinceHoffman Jan 06, 2020

If memory serves me correctly, this particular paint scheme of the v1 Elite would be quite rare. He was the sole Covey figure included with set #96983 "Halo Battlescape II". (The CAD pic of the fig on the MCX set library doesn't accurately depict his paint job.) Arguably he featured the nicest factory paint detailing of all the first gen Elite figs. That fact and the scarce availability of this set back then resulted in him being quite collectable. However the advent of super-posable Elites made the collector demand for first gen MB Halo figs drop off dramatically.


81Ceta_Deta Jan 06, 2020

I don't know


ShlubCustoms Jan 06, 2020

That looks like the Halofest Blind Bag Elite. He's kind of rare, but not very. He's a little more common to find nowadays than a Heroes Series 5 Arbiter or the ODST Mickey figure (pretty rare considering he came in a 140 dollar Sig Series set), but not as common as something like the Gold Hunter (which only appeared in one set as well). He's around the price of the Hunter (upper teens used to lower thirties sealed) and nowhere near the whopping sixty to ninety bucks that ODST Mickey commands and the 100+ bucks that the Series 5 Arbiter commands.