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Image of: Cinimod64

Over The Top

Construído por Cinimod64    Feb 12, 2020

Over The Top

lawrencepittman357 Feb 17, 2020

Can you say ambush!!!


81Ceta_Deta Feb 13, 2020

That. Is. A. Great. Shot!


JoetheMarine99 Feb 13, 2020

Well the Germans have the high ground, so it is basically over for the US soldiers


Zarry Feb 13, 2020

Nice, I like the weapon crate to the side and how it's burrowed, and the position of the dead soldier on the left side makes it feel like he slipped when he took the bullet so he fell forward and rolled at an angle, making him lay vertically almost.


Acehalonerd1128 Feb 13, 2020

That's an awesome shot