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What to sharpie...

Construído por 81Ceta_Deta    Mar 30, 2020

What to sharpie...
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What to sharpie...
What to sharpie...
What to sharpie...
What to sharpie...
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YeetistYT May 18, 2020

That's the question every day for


TechnoHunter9 Mar 31, 2020

I'd probably go for the cyan Spartan with some black and purple highlights, and then maybe some custom coloured weapons for contrast.


HaloODST56 Mar 31, 2020

Hey sorry the words were changing but I was thinking you should do that Yellow Spartan with black and red detailing and a red visor


OrangeTheGreat Mar 31, 2020

I’d say a marine squad with green,


81Ceta_Deta Mar 30, 2020

@Emersonian_06 Yeah, sure. I'll see what i can do tomorrow