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Image of: verne409

Prince Adam & Friends

İnşa et verne409    Oct 06, 2018

Prince Adam & Friends
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Prince Adam & Friends
Prince Adam & Friends
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verne409 Nov 21, 2018

@riely After you told me, I found the figure really looks like Le Chen. But it just a coincidence. ^^


riely Oct 18, 2018

the guy with the brod sord look's like le chen from spy next door was that intentional?


verne409 Oct 09, 2018

@Kevin_MCX Thank you! I just try to use different parts of He-man's figure, to create the other warriors in similar style. They're not really any character in He-man's story. =)


Kevin_MCX Oct 09, 2018

Great custom figures. Adam is perfect and I really like the other warriors as well. Do they have names?


verne409 Oct 08, 2018

M.O.C. means My Own Creation. There're many different brands selling there own creation accessories which can fit in Mega Construx's figures. You can take a look at "BrickWarxxxxs" or "BxxxkForge" etc. ^^